Ornate Walking Bridge Dated 1895

It’s always nice to verify the date of an unusual piece of ironwork, and here we have a short bridge on the Millersville University campus with a dedication plaque dated 1895.

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Fences Gates and Monuments: Millersville University of PA

First established as the Lancaster County Normal School in 1855 and focusing on teacher training, the school has evolved into a university serving students from South-East Pennsylvania and beyond. Of note on the campus are Biemesderfer Hall and the Civil War monument.

On November 1, 1867, with the wounds of war still fresh in their minds and Gettysburg Battlefield 50 miles to the West, the people of Millersville dedicated a small monument to those 27 young men who left the idyllic life of the Normal School to die in battles both famous and unknown, from Chaplin Hills to Chickamauga and through Gettysburg and Bull Run. The monument is dedicated:

In Memory of
The Brave Loyal Normal Boys
Who were of
The Three Hundred Thousand
That Perished
In the Fearful Struggle to
Crush the Rebellion


Civil War Monument

To the North of the monument sits Biemesderfer Hall. Built in 1895 as the school library, it is beautiful inside and out, and now houses administrative offices. Notice the stained glass above the entrance.

The Old Library

Biemesderfer Hall, aka The Old Library

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Fences Gates and Monuments: 1 Millersville, PA

It all began with our dog, a feisty little rapscallion Tibetan Terror–er, Terrior–called Ceba. She loved to run. In the snow. In the rain. In the sun. Whenever she could see a seam of daylight through an open door, she’d be off.  She is really hard to catch.

And so the logical move was to partition off part of our property with a fence, and the most elegant solution seemed to  be an iron fence. Sturdy, beautiful, value-enhancing, etc., etc..

But when I went on-line to find examples of iron fences, I was not impressed.

Sure, there were companies who would sell you pre-made panels, and local guys who didn’t seem to have much design sense,but, hey, if you’re going to spend THAT MUCH money on a fence, you ought to be able to design it yourself.

So here you are folks, photos of iron fences in and around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the oldest inland city in the USA.

All thanks to that bad girl Ceba.

Ceba and Friend

Ceba and a new friend on the Millersville campus

Our first fence is a short length on the campus of Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Erected to prevent the school faculty from falling off the wagon and into the ditch, its style could not be simpler–but it does the job.



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